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Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios reviews Halfcast's unmastered single "Blue & Gold" Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Jeremy D. Simmons

There are so many positive things I could say about Elephant Ear studios in Richmond VA. I mean the gear selection alone is worth more than the house that he literally bought to offer his wonderful service. His schedule allows one to come by morning noon or night plus accommodations if you’re cool enough.

But the real question is, why did my Band and I choose this recording studio over the plethora of other options? It boils down to one word. Experience.

The experience that Jeremy possesses in recording, mixing, and composing is evident in our final product. But his experience in dealing with people, especially those arrogant SOB's we call musicians, is second to none. Whether this is your first time in a professional studio or you are a seasoned veteran, Jeremy puts things into a perspective anyone one can understand.

He adapts to any musical situation, solving obstacles not only effectively but creatively. Whatever the artist needs without sacrificing the quality of the work. If you want him in the captain’s seat, done. If you're a bit more manic (like me) and need to see what's behind the curtain, he graciously allows you to be more hands-on. He gives it to you straight and you’ll be thankful he did because he's the extra member of your band you wished you had offering clarity in the chaos that music can be.


Other places gave us rates, Jeremy gave us a tour.

Other places gave us issues, Jeremy gave us alternatives. 

Other places gave us deadlines, Jeremy gave us results.

No matter where you’re going, no matter the price nor the equipment, it's not going to be like Elephant Ear. Because they don't have a Jeremy.

- Jason "Fuzzy" Tyler - Guitarist, Composer, Vocalist  Managing Instructor at One Three Guitar  Richmond,VA

"Elephant Ear Studios is a top notch professional experience from top to bottom. The vibe, gear and most importantly the sounds are superb. Jeremy really knows his stuff, gets to know the artist, and curates an individual experience. He works as quickly or slowly as the artist allows, but always efficiently.  It's a pleasure to work there any chance I have." 

-JC Kuhl, Woodwinds, Professor of Music at Virginia Commonwealth University 

"As a band, we‘ve had the good fortune of recording in many studios throughout the years, as well as owning our personal studio.  We’ve seen a little bit of everything, and are very, very particular.  When we first walked into Jeremy Simmons’ Elephant Ear Studios to record, the feeling was immediate and rare — this is a place of wild creativity, great peace, and complete acceptance.  Not only is the studio itself one of the best sounding spaces (rivaling any other studio in terms of professional sonic quality, instruments, and gear for days!), but beyond that, it’s also a place where you can be yourself, totally free and respected in the art you make.  Jeremy, an amazing musician, engineer, producer, songwriter, artist himself (in no order!), is the consummate professional, serving the music and artists with his world class talent, and beautiful heart.  He is beloved and respected by the music community at large, and for good reason.  At Elephant Ear Studios, you are only limited by how far your imagination can go.  We are honored to call Elephant Ear Studios our forever “home away from home”, and Jeremy our forever family.  Be warned… step into the studio, and trust that you will do the same."

  - Makuta Brooklyn, NY    

"Jeremy’s one of my favorite mixers to work with. His attention to detail is one reason that I love making records with him, but it’s really his approach to mixing, the vibe of his mixes, along with  his creativity and technical expertise.  Jeremy's organizational systems and his vibe as a person makes working with him so stress free and fulfilling.
Jeremy is both an expert mixer and one of the most genuinely caring personalities I have worked with in the music business.  He's a rare gem in this industry."

. - Dan Millice  Mastering Engineer at Engine Room Audio New York, NY

"What can I say about Jeremy and Elephant Ear? 

First of all, you’ll never meet a more passionate person to have guide you through the recording process. He is not only an amazing musician and producer, but just an all around incredible person. I’ve known him for two decades and consider him a great friend. 

I first started recording with Jeremy when the studio was stuffed in a tiny, hot upstairs bedroom. The rig was primitive but that didn’t stop us from making great sounding music, which is a testament to his prowess behind the board. Fast forward 20 years and the studio couldn’t be more different. This multi-level studio is STACKED with incredible vintage gear and has a warm, homey vibe. It’s basically recording heaven! 

I feel proud to have been able to be a small part of Jeremy and his studio’s journey, and look forward to many more years of great music to come. "

Projects recorded at Elephant Ear over the years: Tiny Lights, Flesh Mountain Boys, El Presidente, HH3

- Trip Hill, Multi Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Bandleader

"Never have I felt more comfortable in a studio, and so happy with the result. I was honored to work with Jeremy on his own album at Elephant Ear. It was super fun, relaxed and efficient. I’m proud of music we created together there. Jeremy just gets it. The warm sound. The atmosphere. Good vibes, great tones."

- Andrew Rapisarda, Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter

"Jeremy at Elephant Ear Studios is one of the most accommodating and professional studio owners in our business. The studio itself is outfitted with well curated and perfectly maintained analog equipment. It was a perfect home away from home for my clients and i would recommend anyone looking for an engineer and studio to look no further."  

- Johnny Terrell, Engineer at Soul Haven Studios, Virginia Beach, VA

"Elephant Ear Studios is more than just a recording studio. Once you have recorded there, you become family! I've been able to experience Elephant Ear on two separate occasions and they were both amazing! Jeremy is a SECOND-TO-NONE ENGINEER! You will never know an engineer that puts more time, effort and love into your work than him! On both occasions, Jeremy went above and beyond to make sure that music was mixed well, in its most excellent form and even lent his expertise as a musician to suggest some flavorful elements to add in the records! Beyond that, the feel of the studio is simply amazing! From every amp, to every instrument, even to the posters that hang on the wall.... it is all such a comforting vybe! Anyone that is looking to record somewhere and have RELATIONSHIP with a recording studio in the city, go to Elephant Ear! Uncle Jeremy will take care of you"

- Hassan Washington Vocalist, MC, Songwriter, Band Leader 

“Jeremy Simmons wakes up at 5AM most days and goes straight to the studio. Not because he has to, but because he truly loves what he does.  Just listen to his work.  A burning passion for music and a genuine love for his fellowman is evident in every recording he’s ever been a part of.  Behind the mixing console, Jeremy hears the subtle details and nuance that most will miss.  He has the rare talent to make a good album great.  Like an audience watching a magician, you will stand in disbelief as he creates stunning soundscapes before your very ears. I’ve witnessed it personally.  I’m proud to be his friend and fan." 

- Willie Williams, Guitarist, Vocalist Richmond, VA

"Elephant Ear is the standard for recording and creative all music, from modern tech to classic vibes. Jeremy has curated the best tools and toys available today to faithfully capture the vibe you are going for. But what sets elephant Ear apart from most other professional recording spaces is the man himself. Jeremy cares…. He really cares His life has been dedicated to the religion of music and the elusive art of making records. You don’t have to agree with him every time, but you know that what you’re being served up is rooted in the love for music, humans and his rich legacy of musical experiences. You may not always agree with him, but you will always respect him. I couldn’t recommend a better place or person to make my precious music with. Go talk to him and make a new friend."

- Bill Grishaw. Producer, Engineer, Editor, Multi Instrumentalist 

"Recording with Jeremy in RVA today was super chill. He's got a great spot, excellent gear, and an easy-to-be-around attitude. Today I saw firsthand how committed Jeremy is to the music he records at Elephant Ear Records and Studios. Jeremy does not domineer, but offers honest insights. He's easy to be around, highly skilled as an engineer and with protools, and has valuable intuition for the music as a musician, himself. We got a lot done today. At no point was he or the folks in the studio stressed out. Great rates, great service, and highly professional. Jeremy clearly loves both making and recording music. 5 stars!"

- Ryan Stevens, Songwriter, Vocalist, Harmonica

"Amazing place. Jeremy has got some of the best equipment out there, and is completely focused on creating the best work he can do. We did a session there and were blown away by the quality of the recordings we got out of it. You can rest assured that you will get honest opinions and fair prices from Elephant Ear Studios, with a healthy dose of good vibes thrown in."

- Nathanael Clark, Saxophonist

"Elephant Ear rocks! Jeremy Simmons is a fine engineer with an amazing ear for great music. The studio gear is top notch and sounds killer! My recording experience thus far on bass with Alice + The Reverie under Mr. Simmons has been everything we were looking for as a group in a Studio/Recording Engineer/Producer. The studio vibe is laid back and groovy, with a reasonable rate which enables hungry musicians to create solid art in the form of music. If anyone is looking for quality and an unforgettable recording experience then Elephant Ear Studios is your spot! Thanks Jeremy! Much love for this studio!"

- Casey Sanders, Bassist

"I have recorded several times at Elephant Ear. Great equipment made even greater by the man behind the board. Jeremy will give you his undivided attention, and brings a musician's ear to serve your material in the manner it deserves. Great environment to record and make music. Recording with Jeremy will make you a better musician."

- Paulo Emilio Franco Lodoño, Singer Songwriter, Bandleader

"Elephant Ear Studios is a great spot to record. Jeremy Simmons takes pride in his work and wants the final result to sound great as much as you do. Really chill and cool guy to work with. Whether it's your first time recording or you're a seasoned professional, this is a great place to make music."

- Joel Worford, Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Bandleader

"Jeremy is one of the best in the business! Aside from top notch equipment, Jeremy provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere that's perfect for getting the creative juices flowing. He puts his heart into each project and takes his time to ensure the final product is nothing but the best. My band has truly enjoyed working with him. If you're looking to work with the best in Richmond this is the place to go!"

- Miriam Martin, Singer Songwriter

"Great vibe, gear, and affordable. Jeremy is a fine engineer, plus an amazing musician. I highly recommend recording your music at his place."

- Tod Ellsworth, Bassist

Elephant Ear Studios is like working in that dream basement of recording gear and instruments that you wish you had, while also having a humble, hard working engineer/producer in Jeremy Simmons talk you through the process. I've recorded here as a three piece and am about to cut a full length album there next week, all I can say is that I feel extremely comfortable in the environment and with Jeremy as the owner/operator. All of this is extremely important to me in this process, and when deciding on a place to record this upcoming record it was a no-brainer!

- Chip Hale, Bassist, Producer, Engineer

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